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Find Bank Of Baroda IFSC Code, MICR Code of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Assam, Punjab, Kolkata, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Its Branche Address, Telephone numbers, and Swift Code. Bank Of Baroda Established by the king of Baroda now called as Vadodara in Gujarat, it is the second-largest bank in India. The founder of the Baroda Bank was Sayajirao Gaekwad. It was designated as a Public Sector undertaking in 1969 by the Government Of India. The bank was founded in 1908. In Indian Banking Sector it provided many facilities to the customers. The bank started “Project Navoday” with various Business Units and support functions across the bank.

Find Bank of Baroda IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Address

Find All Bank of Baroda IFSC Code, MICR Code of Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya PRadesh, Delhi, Mumbai, Maharshtra, Pryagraj, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh Assam. Bank also established a Shared service center through a wholly-owned subsidiary. It has now made an international network by opening 9898 branches all over the country including 100 overseas branches. Besides these for controlling, there are 18 branches of Zonal offices and 108 branches of Regional offices. Amazed to know! The bank has developed more than the American banks. Now, it is having 127 million customers across 21 countries.

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What is an IFSC Code?

IFSC code is used while using the online banking system. This IFSC code comes in handy when you have to deposit money through online banking or net banking in a bank account. IFSC code is used when performing NEFT, RTGS, and CMFS transactions. When you take money from someone through net banking, then through the IFSC code banking system, it is able to find out which branch of the country your account number is. If you understand in simple language, the IFSC code shows the location of the branch, which branch this account belongs to.

The IFSC code is of 11 digits, the first 4 digits of which indicate the bank's name. The fifth digit is zero, it has been put forward for future use. If more new banks will open in the country, then this zero will be used. The 6 digits after it represent the code of the branch, this means at which location the branch is.

How To Find All Bank IFSC Code?

Dear Visitor, you can use Also ifsccodes.info website to search for the IFSC code. Apart from this, the IFSC code is written below the account number on the passbook of your bank. An 11-digit IFSC code is also written on the bank's checkbook. Which makes it easy to understand which branch this checkbook belongs to.

Apart from this, to search the IFSC code, you can also visit the website of that bank, there are many other websites available on the Internet, which help you to search the IFSC code. For example, on this website also you will get the IFSC codes, MICR codes, and branch addresses and their phone numbers.

What is a MICR code?

MICR Code: MICR code's full form is 'Magnetic Ink Character Recognition'. It is commonly known as MICR code. This code is a 9 digits code that helps to identify a particular bank branch, which is a part of the (ECS) Electronic Clearing System, Used to clear cheques on routine Basis. In a way, this name is given to the technology with which code is printed. This technique is used to protect your online transactions. Like the IFSC code, MICR code is also different in every branch. The technique of MICR code was first used in the country in the 1980s.

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